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The Thrash Metal Guide - Metal Review #8

“Classic speed/thrash which aptly mixes both styles, moving from rousing speed metal hymns ("Heavy Metal Deadride") to hard-hitting thrashers ("Souls and Bones", th eripping blitzkrieg closer "Rhetoric") in no time with more serious progressive overtones detected on a couple of numbers ("Brainwashed", the excellent diverse speed/thrash shredfest "Through the Trenches"). The vocals are a bit hoarse and hardcore-ish for this kind of music, but by no means spoil the fun from this entertaining roller-coaster.”

Steven Smith - Hearing Aide

"If you go to the local shows in the area, I bet you will meet these rocking dudes! ... so many great influences on the album from the late 80s and early 90s..."

Acier Doux Metal Webzine - Review Deadrider Reaper [Album] 2017

“Well, I have to say that is a very good album, it sounds perfect for this genre, all sharp, good songs and good musicians. Listen to them, they worth.Production-wise, these guys had a sort of a raw sound to it. But it fit well with the music. I wouldn’t change any of what they did when they recorded this. My overall impression of the band is that they’re a fine act that needs more exposure. They need to be out there in the Metal community to show how unique they are. . They have a lot to offer the listener.”

Steven Smith - Hearing Aide

" Is this heavy metal? speed metal? Or is it thrash metal? The answer to all of these is, “Yeah.” The riffs are speedy and frantic like Terror, but they’re also menacing and gritty like Razor, and somehow they all end up rolling out with the finish of Exciter.

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