After a failed attempt of having a musically fulfilling band, Johnny and Dante decided the time for compromise was over. Without a specific style in mind and a desire to play fast and loud, another band of traditional heavy metal was born.

They recorded their first demo “Brainwashed” in 2016, a quick 3-song taste of the onslaught that was to come: fast, raw, and heavy metal as it should be.

By the summer of 2017, Mike Visconti had joined Deadrider on rhythm guitar, and with Mortus Loki on devastatingly virtuous bass lines they were ready for live shows. After sharing the stage with some big name artists like Diamond Head and Immolation, Deadrider’s new release was ready. And so, in July 2017, The Reaper album was released.

In 2018, due to some significant writing style differences, and the undying commitment to leave musical compromise behind, Deadrider and Mike had to part ways.

Now with Johnny on guitar, Loki on bass and Dante on drums, Deadrider was established as the atomic live trio that they are, playing live shows all over Central New York, radio stations, as well as podcasts, YouTube and other online outlets, leaving a fire trail of destruction in their wake. Deadrider has continuously worked on new material and their newer releases include: live show “Last Exit” recorded in Ithaca, New York in 2018, the “Raw & Ugly” demo recorded in Syracuse, NY in 2019, and the early singles “Taste the Chain” and “TTT” recorded in Syracuse, NY in 2020, on Dec 1, 2020, “Taste The Chain” album recorded in Syracuse, NY. Their latest single titled "Metal Blood" hit the radio stations in July, 2021.


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